Live Chat Function Added

live chat button added to website

This new jewellery company wanted to offer their website visitors an extra element of communication, via a ‘live-chat’ box that sits in the corner of the website, non-obtrusive, waiting to be helpful. So we designed them a chat box that colour co-ordinates with the rest of their site, but has a darker shade so it stands out more. We used well-respected third-party software to enable the functionality, and managed to integrate the live-chat with the exact appearance and functionality that the client wanted.

People seem to be less intimidated by asking questions though live chat, rather than on the phone, so this is the perfect solution for us

Louise Heaton

The directors of this company also run a few other projects, so it was important for them to be able to carry out their other roles without the constant interruption of phone calls. Instead, they receive discreet messages to their iPhone and Blackberry, telling them that someone has initiated a live-chat, and they can answer the queries directly from their phones, wherever they are.


A live-chat function is the perfect solution for any company, regardless of size, to offer an extra level of communication choice to their customers. People can literally jump online, ask 1 question, get the right answer, and go ahead and make the purchase, and all in the time it would have taken them to say “Hello” and introduce themselves and their issue. We’re all looking to get ahead of the market and out-perform our competitors, and this just might be the solution!

Designed to match your website and blend with the colour-scheme
Configured to work with your mobile phone or computer so you can answer queries anywhere
Helps your potential customers turn into paying customers
Fixed price of £150 for this function, including full phone integration