Pop up Voucher Added To Site

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As they’re having a complete identity change, our client wanted to offer a 10% discount to all visitors to their new website. We were able to build the perfect ‘pop-up’ for them, appearing at the right time on the screen, only showing once to each visitor, and then disappearing when either the client enters their information to qualify for the discount, or when they click anywhere else on the screen to dismiss it.

“This has really worked for us already, and our customers are very impressed with the way it appears and then shoots off the screen afterwards”

Lisa French

Re-branding even an established business can be quite scary…unless you’re L A Exhausts who have a huge following of loyal customers across South Wales! But being creatures of habit, none of us really like change, so Lisa and Austin decided that the best way to get people used to the new brand and website was to offer them a discount for just visiting the website.


We worked on a few different ‘looks’ and ‘feels’ for this pop-up, and decided that an attention grabbing voucher which pops in like an elastic band, and whooshes off the screen when it’s served it’s purpose, was the way forward. I secretly think they’re not too pleased by the number of discounts they’re having to give! This is an awesome marketing tool that doesn’t just sit in the top banner or the bottom corner, but really pushes itself out and promotes a product or service to the max.

Designed to contrast with your website for maximum visibility
Can be configured with any offer, and many different ‘appearing and disappearing’ effects
Most useful when used with a form, as LA Exhausts have, to build their customer database
Fixed price of £100 as a graphic, or £200 with a data capture form