What Our Customers Say About Us...

A Few Testimonials

  • Lisa French

    Marcelle and her team managed to get our website done on time, and we’re really pleased with it. Our customers are saying great things about it too. Thanks

  • Louise Heaton

    We’re a new company so it was important that our website was perfect for launch. Marcelle not only got it done within the 2 weeks she promised, but also made it stunning with a lot more features than I expected. We have Paypal, wish lists, and send to a friend to name a few, and the live chat function really works for us. I’d definitely recommend 🙂

  • Allyson Jones

    I wanted a simple website with 2 forms, a payment solution and language translation, and Marcelle designed it clearly and with excellent functionality. Thank you for your help.

  • Sue Bollom

    I absolutely love this website! It’s so colourful, and there’s so much information in there, it’s perfect for what we offer. Thanks again.

  • Dr J E Hood

    I approached Marcelle with a concept that I hadn’t really given enough thought or planning to, but within about two hours, she had managed to shape a website design in my head, along with answering loads of questions I’d not even considered yet, which helped me to develop the business concept further as well. She integrated individual application forms into the website, as well as a Paypal checkout, and took care of the SEO.

    She was like a refreshing whirlwind that not only designed a perfect website, but also helped me to develop the concept into a fully functioning and successful business.